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Open in app. Notification Center. Our Ancient Seers has mentioned in various scriptures about how to come out the cycle of Birth and Death and attain Moksham. In such process, puja forms a major path-way. Puja has various forms and idols. In this Shakthi araadhana is considered to give relief from all dosham prevalent in the chart.

As per shaastra, the period of Winter solstice i. Becuase, this being the evening time for Deva Loka the puja done to Devi during this period will fetch excellent results in our life. The Sun becomes exalted in Aries and debilitated in Libra. Jupiter as Karaka , Signification, for the 5th House Each House bhava has one or more planets associated with it as a karaka. Karaka is a Signification. The qualities of the planet are the same as of that house. In the case of the 5th house, the house karaka is Jupiter.

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So Jupiter and the 5th house will tend to signify similar things. Jupiter is associated with God, spiritual knowledge, children especially sons , the husband, spiritual preceptor and good luck. The Sanskrit word for Jupiter is Guru, the word also for teacher. The most benefic of planets, Jupiter is very expansive and gracious, the great Teacher, desiring to lead all to the paths of righteousness dharma. He is the container and bestower of sacred wisdom.

He is, according to esteemed Vedic Astrologer, B. Grace is indicated from the placement of Jupiter. Jupiter in the 5th house is considered very auspicious. No one effect, such as planetary position in a sign or house, will be the sole indicator of fortunes and influences.

In general, one must assess the strength of the house, its indicator, its lord and occupants, as well as other planetary influences. The following are general indications for when a particular planet is posited in the sign of Leo. In the next newsletter we will cover more specific analysis.

Purva Punyas/ past good deeds - with Jupiter

The individual will be strong, courageous, well known, hot-tempered, stubborn and commanding. Leos possess great organizing power arising from solar-sun-plexus , capacity for many skills and fields of knowledge, generosity and a humanitarian heart. Mercury in Leo Independent, good memory, independent thinker, positive self will, enjoys travel, two mothers, illusive happiness through spouse, can marry early in life. Enjoys the fine arts, children, singing, music etc. May tend to get overly absorbed in mental pursuits to the distraction of other duties.

Kind hearted, easy-going, and self-indulgent. Venus in Leo With Venus in Leo, an individual enjoys the respect of spiritual preceptors, good relations with family, marries into a good family, dampened stamina, passionate, emotional, conceited, tends to jump to conclusions, gains money and other benefits through women if the native is a man , difficulty with enemies. Mars in Leo Strong body and stamina, fearless, great perseverance in work, respects elders and preceptors, enjoys the occult, such as astronomy and astrology, mental unrest, independent, author early in life, restless, noble, combative, few children, enjoys the children of others.

Jupiter in Leo Pleasant personality, happy, good-hearted, strong intellect, learned, conjugal happiness, famous, leader, especially military, great stamina, loving friend, well read, difficulty vanquishing enemies. Saturn in Leo This position helps the individual to rise to a higher station in life. Saturn is well placed in its Moolatrikona sign Kumbha in the 3rd in the Navamsa.

The 5th house will bring its blessings and the 8th house will have Karmic lessons to learn in the form of transformations and changes in your life. This period starts the Jupiter Mahadasa in the 5th house in its exaltation sign of Cancer and very well placed in the 5th house in the D1. Jupiter is very strong in Shadbala and Ashtakvarga. It will be a powerful period in your life.

Jupiter is the lord of Lagna trine and the 10th house of Karma Kendra and it becomes your Yoga Karaka. It is the Lagnesh in the Navamsa very well placed in the 9th house of long journeys, higher learning, philosophy, residence abroad etc. It is conjunct and aspected by 3 Malefics. Mars, Saturn and Rahu. This Antardasa of Jupiter should be a mixed bag. There will a change in the status of your life and career.

The dispositor of Guru is placed in the 2nd house as Moon while Guru is placed in the 9th house from Arudha Lagna, showing its support to your image and contains Dhana Arudha A2 There shall be a possible new job profile, promotion and increase in Income and Wealth. Jupiter aspects the 9th house of Fortune and the 11th house of Income and Gains.

From the Chandra Lagna it is placed in the 4th house whilst it rules the 9th and the 12th. This period could very definitely see a change in your residence and domestic environment involving long distance travels. Jupiter is in Pushya Nakshatra whose lord Saturn is placed in its own Bhava, the 8th. The negating factor is the curse which will get activated in this Vimsottari Dasa. From November 5, you will run Mercury Antardasa under Jupiter.

Mercury is placed in the 4 house from Mahadasanath Jupiter. The 4th house shows a new home and a change of domestic environment.

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It is L4 and L7 from Lagna which shows a move and the 7th lord shows a possible partnership as it is also placed in the 7th from the Moon. It is the L3 from Guru parakrama, initiative, endeavour, self effort, courage and L12 in the 4th. It clearly shows residence abroad with some tough circumstances and conditions to establish yourself in your new life retirement. Mercury is the lord of Hora Lagna HL in the 7th house which shows that you could earn money from esoteric wisdom and 8th house significations. The 8th house deals with Ayurveda and healing as well. Placed 12th from Arudha Lagna, it shows expenditure and spending money related to establishing yourself.

A benefic in the Dushtana is generally indicative of tough karmic lessons and great transformations and change in your life. Mercury is the Chara Amatyakaraka. Soul Level Significator of your Karma Mercury is placed in the Nakshatra of Jupiter which is a positive factor as Jupiter is auspicious for you. This will be a spiritual period for you as Ketu is placed in the 12th from Jupiter and is debilitated in Gemini being placed in the 4th house from Lagna.

Debilitated malefics are capable of causing Raja Yogas when placed in Kendras, however its dispositor Mercury is in the tough 8th house and will give its effect during this Antardasa period.

Kaal Sarp dosh: a deadly combination

Ketu is in the Nakhatra of Rahu which aspects the 4th house. There could be an acquisition of built property as Ketu is the Karaka for built property just like Mars is the Karaka for land. The 4th house significations of home, vehicles, recovery from illness, happiness, family, domestic life will get activated and will see tough and sudden changes. This period also shows travel and residence abroad. Rahu is 12th from Mars. Mars and Rahu periods show agression and fights and losses — Rahu is 12th from Mars.

Any malefic planet in the 12th house is bad for Marriage. She has a Manglik Dosha as I did tell her before — Mars in 12th. Her Marriage did not last as Upapada Lagna is in Virgo in 10th which shows she married for status and money. The second from Upapada Lagna shows sustenance of Marriage — which has a dire malefic Rahu which I told her, that her marriage would be an abrupt end and would not last. She paid no heed to what I said, I am still reading the chart, which I do not really feel like reading because of her attitude when I first read it.

Even if she marries again it will not last, 8th from Upapada lagna shows second marriage which is Ketu in Aries in the 5th house. Second from it is Jupiter in Taurus in the 6th house or Shatru Pada which shows sustenance of Marriage and is aspected by Sun and Mars — Malefics in the 12th house which shows an abrupt end again.

Purva Punya: Past Life Merit (Good Fortune)

What more can I tell you that this woman should not get married, It will just end up like the first. It is also a Sthira Karaka for the soul. Her Atmakakaraka is Saturn which is good for spirituality, having a malefic Atmakaraka — denotes spirituality. Is Scorpio in 12th house — has 2 malefics Sun and Mars which is not the best combination for comfortable life events. The Arudha pada shows the fruit of the Dasa which is Virgo in 10th under Papa Argala from Rahu in 2nd from it and Sani in the 11th from it who also aspects it from the 8th.

Jeeva and Deha is not comfortable either. Jupiters is in Shatru Pada 6th house, shows courts, agression, health issues. Generally, not a good time because of past life root karma affecting current situation. Obviously affecting her mind. Her dad may be depressed too because of this. Narayana is the name of Vishnu, the source of humanity. It is a mantra said in times of trouble to re-establish harmony and balance.

Fifth House in Astrology

Many powers come from saying this mantra. It also aids in attaining enlightenment. Ask her to do it atleast 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening. I would do it atleast 30 minutes as a meditation using a Tulsi Japa Mala. The more the better. It is the Ashtakshari — 8 syllable mantra of lord vishnu — Helps the 6th 8th, 10th and 12th house astrologically having many other spiritual and material benefits.

Face North or East. How are you? She told me that you are a very good astrologer. Iam also learning astrology. Could u please suggest me some good books to read?

I really want to know about Anamika. She is in big problem.

Waiting for your reply. Let me explain this transit from Different Angles and important points of reckoning. It will be in the House of Losses, Troubles and Expenditure while it lords the 3rd Short Travels, Communication, Parakrama or Courage and Younger Siblings and lords the 4th which is Home, Domestic Happiness, Conveyances, Mother These factors will come into effect and you may experience an overall influence of loss on these fronts. This is considered the most inauspicious Transit. Ashtama Sani or Kantak Sani. During this period, there is obstruction in career and the income and finances dwindle.

When this adverse transit happens from the Moon, the person suffers physically and emotionally. This 2 and a half year period is very tough in my experience. Luckily Saturn will be in its sign of Exaltation and the Ashtakvarga points are 4 which is not too adverse. It will still be a rough time but the situation and circumstances will not be out of your control.

Ketus placement takes away the significance of the house he is placed in by natal or transit placements and causes unattachment and situations that make the native seek happiness in spirituality and not material aspects of life.


The 9th is the 5th from the 5th. Rahu will increase your worldly desires to compete and succeed in the material world and Rahu for Pisces Rasi influences the 9th of long distant traveling, father, teachers, legal matters and prosperity. Ketu seeks the inner spiritual life and tends to detach from the material world.

Ketu in Taurus will be in the 3rd Bhava of communications, younger siblings, short trips, writing and motivation that could create problems this areas. There will be many important and positive changes regarding your career and gain in income in a big way! If you want to invest money in a business, now is the time! In the Navamsa, Jupiter is the dispositor of the Moon and is placed in the 10th House of Career in Leo which shows that these things will come to pass. This will be very positive for all the aspects I described above. Career, Income, Business, Childbirth, Investments.

It will also cause improvement in marriage despite the Malefic Transit of Rahu. You have Vargotamma Lagna. The same Lagna in the Rasi Chakra and the Navamsa which is a very strong and auspicious yoga. The Lagna is Scorpio. In the Dasamsa, Jupiter is placed in the 10th House as well of Career. Any Career or business choice that relates to Banking and Finance or investments will be good for you.

Saturn remedies will be needed. Saturn is placed in the 7th House of Marriage and Business whilst it lords 3rd and the 4th. You could experience short travels and a change of residence during this period along with issues in married life. Saturn is Debilitated in the Navamsa in the 6th House indicating struggle, troubles, enemies and issues in Marriage and Domestic Happiness and peace of mind.

However, I will still answer it for you. Placed in it are Sun, Ketu and Venus. In the Navamsa the 7th Lord is Venus placed in the 3rd House conjunct Ketu and aspected by Mars and Rahu from the 9th House which is a very negative and inauspicious omen for Married Life in general. This compliments the Curse. Saturn in the 7th House is Debilitated in the 6th in the Navamsa causing fights and aggression, delays, restrictions and sorrow.