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This week's topic: your weekly horoscope for the week of October The intensity builds this week as Mercury communication enters the deep and penetrative waters of Scorpio on October 24, joining the Sun strength. Under Mercury in Scorpio's watch — words, thoughts, and other forms of communication take on a more profound tone which could help us to have more meaningful exchanges and periods of sharp insight.

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The downside to this transit though is the danger of taking things too personally or seeing a slight where there is none. However, part if Mercury in Scorpio's power is helping us to uncover the truth. On Thursday, there some tension going down between Mars action in ambitious Capricorn and Uranus independence in impulsive Aries.

When these two get together it can usually make for an explosive kind of vibe, but the best way to harness this energy is to pay attention to where you need the biggest breakthrough in your life, then making a solid plan to make it happen.

The Scorpio-Sagittarius Cusp

By the time the New Moon in Scorpio arrives on October 30, we'll be ready for a new chapter. Tap Scorpio's power of transformation and rebirth to tear down what's no longer working and start fresh. Fortunately, your energy levels are on the rise. Inspired by beauty, you are in the mood to draft blueprints and make designs.

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These could come in the form of larger strategy outlines and longer-term plans. A busy time continues. Whether you are compelled by the headlines amidst the rest of your life responsibilities and feeling pushed, moved and inspired, the velocity is increasing steadily. It may be that the cliffs are rising and the banks are narrowing, as well, producing rapids. However you wish to coin the metaphor, your job is to keep up with the ever-faster pace.

Your ambitions are rising. You may want or need to earn more money, but your motivation includes staying busy, productive and interested. Hopefully, your focus includes a cultivation of your talents.

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This is important. Accessing the resources of others are featured, for various jobs, but it is your own resourcefulness that is important to consider. Accessing the courage to take the pioneering initiatives you yearn and perhaps feel the need and pressure to take, is an important central theme now. You are in an experimental mood and are ready to try new things and take new approaches. This will lead you to an important learning curve. For now, do the groundwork to get the answers and insights you need to proceed. As though a candle has been lit in a cool, damp and dark room, you can see and are warmed by the light.

Inspired, you want more and, if necessary, the knowledge how to do it yourself. Skills and resources are required. These will likely lead to making key investments.

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Your career and public life figure prominently in your aspiration. There is just 1-month left in a long 3-year cycle that has likely proven transformational. Such processes can prove difficult especially when we resist and try too hard to control outer circumstances and people.


Positively, you have cleared the way somehow and you feel lighter. Now it is time to follow through to tie-up any loose ends. Concentrating your focus so you can increase your options is an important theme these days. While it has been brewing for some time, it was especially ignited in the past few weeks.

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Now you are on a march to consolidate your plans. Many social opportunities are featured which includes meeting new people and this feature of the plot is accelerating. Caroline Calloway's Next Act? Visual Artist. Hot Girl Summer Is Over.

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